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Welcome To Escape

A space beyond perception.

Escape by Sathyam Cinemas - the city’s first luxury Cineplex.

A culmination of style, innovation and passion, Escape promises to be all that the city has yearned for by redefining the cinema experience and presenting entertainment in a setting like never before.
Spanning a total area of 40, 000 square feet, Escape includes 8 cinema screens and a private dining lounge in each screen. The cinema space has been designed by Giovanni Castor of Castor Designs, USA and renowned Chennai designer Vikram Phadke.  There are six small halls with a capacity of a little over 100 seats and two large halls with a seating capacity of about 300, with ultra modern seats. In an attempt to transport you away from the ordinary, each of the 8 screens tells a story. Blush, Weave, Spot, Streak, Plush, Frame, Carve and Kites are the names of the cinemas. Keeping in tune with revolutionising movie viewing, Escape is the first cinema in India to do away with projector rooms in addition to the floating screens in each hall.
The space has been used aesthetically so that each area is special. The lobbies and washrooms are resplendent with Botticino marble, granite, Italian tiles and wooden floors coming together to pattern the floor. Back lit Italina onyx stone is used extensively in lobby columns and architraves and a fusion of tiles make the floors in the seating area of the cinema; with wood finishing on the aisles, lounges and steps. The façade is covered with bronze tinted glass and the lobby has sheer chocolate brown curtains with back-lit curtains adding to the luster.
At Escape, we anticipate your every need to provide you unmatched comfort and convenience through our facilities that include: Wish - Got a question? Ask the Concierge,  Touch - the Interactive Ticketing kiosk, catch the trailers for upcoming movies, browse the internet at Click, enjoy a game or two at Play, get a first hand look at what's hot in the market at Live, catch up on some reading at Flip, tease your pocket with the curios at Stuff, take a smoking break in style at Puff or indulge in a massage just before your movie at the Bliss. Our F&B facilities include a mouthwatering selection of concessions like chaat, hot food, sandwiches, beverages and more at Crave.  Enjoy a sit-down gourmet meal inside the cinema at the in-house café Dine or book the private Box  inside the theatre for your group and treat your friends and family to delicious food and a truly grand movie experience.
3D & RDX

At Escape, RDX stands for the Real Digital Experience. Watching movies in digital format means enhanced clarity, colour, contrast and brightness so the movie looks and sounds exactly the way the film-maker intended it, every time it is projected. The cinema comes replete with Series 2 upgradeable digital projectors with 2K resolution. They support the JPEG 2 format and are known for their technical competency in preventing piracy. The projectors will at a later stage be advanced to 4K by changing minimum components and adapting a 4K engine.

All the cinemas are fitted with 3D screens. 3D movies in RDX use the Master Image’s Digital 3D technology. Digital 3D adds a new dimension to movies, providing an immersive experience that engages the audience with realistic colour and sharp images. The system interfaces with the Digital Cinema Servers are capable of playing 3D content that comply with the Hollywood Studio approved DCI specifications.


The screens are equipped with 4 way speakers, with output in pure AES uncompressed audio with a dedicated advanced processor. The QSE DCP 300 is installed to give more high frequency range and precision adding maximum voice clarity. The newest sub woofers imported from the USA have higher wattage guaranteed to give an audio experience that truly is unparalleled.